It is said that more than 1 million pounds a year is being injected into the communities in the local district to improve facilities and infrastructure creating affordable housing and leisure opportunities, along with additional funding for the police or I may say lack of, with the additional funding coming from raising the taxes within the area. As a matter of fact they are cutting police resources within the community and local statistics are being published showing a rise in crime of 20 percent, so something is not really adding up there.


The local council has helped to secure more than 6 million pounds from developers over the last 5 years which is funding provided by the developers for community  facilities where housing is being and has been built as well as to provide so called affordable housing for those struggling to buy or rent a home.  In reality less than 200 affordable houses have actually been built in the last 12 months.  However developers know they have the power and know how to get around the planning rules and therefore avoid what should be their responsibility to the community to provide better / appropriate infrastructure.

In the town of Market Harborough as one example thousands of houses are being built, yet there is little in the way of infrastructure being developed to cope with the amounts of people moving to the area, for example, schools, doctors surgery’s, bus routes and correct road access & condition.   Lack of public transport connections for the new developments adds additional car traffic and encourages car ownership.  Even more heavy construction traffic going through the newly built areas making it more unsafe and damaging infrastructure.

With more and more houses being built around our we must look at the cost of what is happening to our local wildlife and also what the communities in the newly formed areas can do to help protect areas of natural beauty.

The  Welland Valley river that runs through the town is slowly being choked out of existence, what was once a thriving river with an abundance of fish for the otters and other animals to feed on and also plant life which has just been beaten into submission by the chemicals from the industrial units, farmers are also contributing to this with the chemicals being used for crops then running into our rivers.



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